Improving the Business of Health Care

Costsave delivers health care services – medical services, medications and products, dental services, health education, first aid and industry-specific health and safety supplies, and the highest standards of professionalism within  health care field.

Costsave simplifies the “business” of health care, so you have more time to spend with customers and patients.

Costsave’s roster of services eliminates the challenges Australian health care providers face – stiff competition, shrinking margins, higher costs, time demands – all eliminated using the extensive list of Costsave services – services that address the business of health care.

  • Automated Ordering delivers inventory when you need it in less time. Regular orders are shipped on your schedule. A time saver for busy medical practitioners, clinics, hospitals, and dispensaries.
  • Lower Price Points On Smaller Orders saves your medical or pharma business on cost of goods by offering lower per unit prices, even on small orders.
  • Just-In-Time Shipping means you don’t have to expense inventory well ahead of its sale. Using Costsave’s automated shipping systems, your order is there just in time to lower the expense of inventory sitting on the shelf.
  • Redundant Layers Of Security ensure your business stays private. Costsave employs the latest in security software to protect what’s yours – your health services business.
  • Logistics Planning enables healthcare service businesses to increase profitability with more products at lower prices. Logistics planning with Costsave ensures the best terms, unparalleled service, and sound, knowledgeable business-side planning to grow the business side of your health service enterprise.

A No-Nonsense Approach To Your Health Care Business provides you with more time to spend in the examining room, or consulting with a customer about their new medication.

Costsave is about pharmaceutical and medical business success – your business success. We’re highly flexible, up-to-date on the latest activities within the health care industry, and we work with hundreds of health care professionals to maintain health care business success.

We’re always here for you with the highest quality products, the best advice, and a no-nonsense approach to your medical services business.

Call Costsave, or drop us a line. We’ll provide a free consultation, and show you how Costsave’s menu of services delivers inventory, lower health care costs, and business success for your patients, your professional team, and for you.

Start saving tomorrow. It really is that simple because Costsave keeps it simple for your success.

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